Mindy Orozco

Mindy Orozco

Client Relationship Manager

The families and businesses who have chosen to work with Leanne Skelly here at Bay Area Financial Wellness for guidance with their overall financial strategies can benefit from her consultative approach to lifelong financial wellness.

As an experienced financial advisor for two decades, and Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA®),  she is in a professional position to evaluate where you stand now financially, and spot potential financial risks you may be unaware of. She can offer advice, direction, and guidance in your Financial Wellbeing - now and into your family’s future. This is not a one-time task, but rather an ongoing process as your life, needs, and interests change.

Once you and Leanne determine what courses of action to take, my primary responsibility in our practice is to become the manager of the ongoing flow of information and documentation needed to establish and maintain the necessary strategies.

I then coordinate and manage the information and data in preparation for meetings between you and Leanne. Based on the results of your meetings I maintain documentation pertinent to your situation and update financial information. This ensures we remain alert for any changes, either personally or financially, that may call for shifts in your strategies.

Here at Bay Area Financial Wellness, we don’t take our responsibility lightly when it comes to guiding you. We offer you the service that only a small firm with big experience can provide. We are fee-based and independent. We abide by the fiduciary standard, which means everything we do is focused on our client’s best interest.