Leanne Skelly

Leanne Skelly

President, Wealth Management Advisor

Just as with your physical health/wellness, waiting until a problem becomes acute before seeking professional help can be a big mistake. Having a trusted care physician in place could have eliminated the problem in the first place. The same holds true with your financial wellbeing.

Many people may turn to the internet for financial advice but are overwhelmed when trying to determine what pertains to their specific and unique needs.

As an experienced financial advisor with LPL Financial and Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA®), and owner of Bay Area Financial Wellness I am in a position to evaluate where you stand now financially, spot potential financial risks, and offer direction and guidance in your Financial Wellbeing.

Some of the values working with me can provide include:

✔Being the professional advisor you feel comfortable with as a financial confidante and friend to guide you, by putting your family’s uniqueness at the core of the process.

✔Help you identify unrealized risks, and options to potentially maintain your financial health/Wellbeing. We don’t know what we don’t know.

✔Establishing a structured plan to follow, pursue, and maintain financial confidence- throughout your life, and your legacy to your heirs.

✔Delivering an understandable plan to follow that is adaptable to unexpected needs or changes in your family’s lives.

✔Discipline and accountability to stick with your plan and strategies.


Here at Bay Area Financial Wellness, we don’t take our responsibility lightly when it comes to guiding your family. We offer you the service that only a small firm with big experience can provide. We are fee-based and independent. We have a fiduciary focus, which means we are committed to acting in our client’s best interest.